Forget about the stress of cooking and eat with us this St Patrick's day!

Tray's include:

Corn beef w/cabbage+potatoes

Tray Sizes:

Half Shallow (4-5 people)> $25

Half tray (5-8 people)> $40

Large Shallow (9-15 people)> $65

Large Tray (16-20 people)> $90



Green Mashed Potatoes

Roasted Potatoes w/onions
Roasted Casserole

Patrick's Trays 

2ft Corn beef Party Hero

w/cheese of your choice & spicy mustard

-$50 w/potatoe salad


Pre order your irish soda bread

-$7.00 ea.

Place your order early

Happy St Patrick's day from Mammas Rosa's & Staff!!